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Welcome to the realm of

As you walk through the main gate you push open the heavy paneled door before you... and find yourself in the Main Hall of my castle! Tiny moon fairies flitter about, their musical ringing filling the air. Before you, there is a small indoor pond with floating waterlilies and fragrant flowers. A small flight of steps leading to a raised dais lies just on the other side of the pond, and Celeste tugs your hand and points..."Look, there she is!"

As I slowly reach the bottom of the steps, I smile at you wave...and welcome you to my castle!!


Starlite's Speech

A few months ago I discovered a wonderful thing called The Site Fights. It provides a wonderful opportunity for people from all over the world to enter their sites into a friendly's also a great way to meet fantastic new people! I used to be a Site Fighter on Grapholina's Gladiators , and now I help out as a Spirit Fairy! At first, I was a fairy for the Darksbane Dragons!

...but now, I work with DaBunnies!

What is a Spirit Fairy, you ask? We are a group of people led by Dfairy who travel from site to site, spreading fairy dust and cheer! I love to make people smile, and letting them know that we appreciate all the hard work they put into their websites, spirit pages, and cheers is one of the best ways I can reach that goal! I also have a few awards which I give to sites which I feel have exceptional spirit. If you're a member of DaBunnies, I have a special award I'll give you just for being on our team! Simply email me with your name, URL, and the ring that you're fighting in (Forest, Field4, etc.) and I'll dust your site and mail you the award (or, if you have the SPiRiT, maybe more than one award!) If you're a contender...past, present, or future...and would like me to give your site a SPiRiT check, visit My Home on the Web (that's my "real" homepage!;)) and sign the guestbook...or sign my new guestbook below! I'll fly right over and check you out! :)

Where You Can Visit in the Castle!

Celeste points to a series of corridors which branches off. "Right now there are only two rooms open...the Trophy Room and the Rookery . We're doing a bit of re-construction here at the castle so please check back and visit often!"

As you look at the doorways you see a large dragon sitting in front of the doorway leading to the Rookery...

Celeste giggles and waves to the dragon. "That's Starfyre! She's Starlite's favourite dragon...and the guardian of the baby dragons!" Starfyre looks at you and breaks into a toothy grin. "She's very friendly...would you like to go meet Starlite's dragons?"

Starfyre was adopted from DMentia!

If you have been visited by Fairy Starlite, here is a graphic you can take to put upon your page!! Please link it back to this URL. :)

To learn more about Fairy Starlite, go to her *real* homepage by clicking on the banner below...see who she is, what she does, and how to contact her! :)

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