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The Castle Rookery

Celeste leads you down a flight of damp stairs illuminated by torches burning brightly in their sconces upon the walls. "This is where all the baby dragons sleep," she explains. "Sometimes some of the older dragons come down here to keep them company, too!"

As you round a curve in the staircase it abruptly ends in a large chamber of stone. As your eyes adjust to the dim light you can make out a single shape in the corner...

"NiGHTFALL!" Celeste cries happily, rushing to embrace the dragonet. "Fairy Starlite adopted Nightfall from Lady Sarina ...see his birth certificate on the wall?"

Nightfall raises his head and growls in a friendly way... didn't know dragons could have a friendly growl, did ya? :) Celeste hugs him one last time and then skips back over to you. "All right, since there's no one down here, we can continue the tour. Would you like to go back to the Main Hall , or to the Trophy Room ?"

Main Hall
Trophy Room