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As Celeste leads towards the drawbridge of my castle, you look in the sky and find two of my favourite Guardians swooping down to greet you! They're my dragonets Iris and Skylark! Iris is named after Iris, the mythological woman who traveled the rainbow delivering the messages of the Greek gods. Look at her beautiful rainbow colouring! Skylark derives his name from the beautiful bird, the hear him sing is a true delight! Celeste waves to the dragonets and they give you a bright smile, waving a wingtip at you as they pass. Celeste turns to you and says, "If you want to adopt your own dragonets you can visit Downloadable Dragons...or if you want to keep on going into the castle let's cross the moat and meet Fairy Starlite!

> The choice is yours...are you ready to enter my castle?

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