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Come on in, make yourself comfortable, and meet...

~^*Fairy Starlite*^~

Hello and welcome! Pull up a toadstool and have a seat! Stretch out your legs...your wings...maybe even your tail! *giggle* I'm so glad you decided to stop by and visit me! Inside my Realm you'll be able to meet some wonderful creatures I've befriended on my travels, and you'll also be able to learn a little more about me and my work with the Site Fights! Keep your eyes peeled...there are a lot of magical creatures floating around, you never know what you might find inside!

Look, the egg hatched! This is my Shyla Elf Celeste, who I adopted from Castle Shyla! She's still young but she's going to guide you into and around my Realm! If you see any dragons or other frightening creatures, don't worry...they all know Celeste and with her to guide you you'll be safe!

Visit Castle Shyla to adopt your own elf! :)

Your journey begins here, upon a grassy meadow from which you can see the shimmering spires of my castle. Celeste tugs on your hand..."Are you ready to get going?" As you gaze at my palace one of the spires seems to wink, beckoning you towards the castle. Celeste giggles and starts running, pulling you down towards the drawbridge which spans the massive moat. If you're ready to enter, click upon me and Celeste will bring you to meet me!

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Fairy Starlite

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DFairy's Circle

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