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Faerie Fen

Celeste leads you through an arched doorway which opens out into what you expect to be another room...but instead, you see a beautiful grassland spread out before you! Celeste laughs at the bewildered look upon your face. "Surprised to see an indoor field? The doorway we just passed through magically takes us to the Faerie Fen, where all of Starlite's attendants spend their free time. Let's walk around and meet some of them!"

Celeste leads you through the fields and glades, pointing out the lovely foliage, bringing you into a small clearing where you see shimmering fairies flitting about.

Celeste points up in the sky and you see a tiny fairy hidden behind a moon who shyly winks down at you. "There's Moony! She's kinda shy so you won't see her too often...she's the youngest of the bunch."

"Why is it that the moon and stars are always out here?" you ask, noticing that all of the skies in Starlite's realm seem to be eternally set to dusk.

Celeste laughs. "What else would you expect from the fairy of the stars?"

Another movement catches your eye, and you notice another fairy waving at you. "There's Uvita! She takes care of most of the plants around you can see she dresses for the job!"

"And there's Sprinkle, she helps Starlite with her fairy dusting...oh and the older fairies are over there," Celeste points to two beautiful fairies sitting on a rock, and they smile and wave. "That's Eos and Aurora...they take care of the younger ones and keep them out of trouble!"


~*Animated fairies adopted from The Net Banshee*~

Aurora and Eos adopted from